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Dispelling the Myths about Dental Implants

Don’t Settle for Dentures! We dispel some of the most common myths holding denture wearers back from getting the secure, permanent teeth they deserve. Myth: Up to a third of Dental Implants fail At Dental Implants USA we use Nobel Biocare Dental Implants. These are not mini implants and Nobel Biocare carries only FDA approved implants. Our success [...]

Advice for someone considering getting Dentures

Here is someone’s response in answer to the question: What advice would you share with someone considering dentures? DON’T DO IT!!! I would give anything to have my own teeth back. Since I have had dentures (full uppers and lowers) I have lost so much weight. I look approx. 15 years older than I am. [...]

Experiences with Dentures

Here is an extract taken from a Dentures forum of one woman’s struggle with Dentures: I am a 46 year old female who looks like I could be Goldie Hawn’s twin…identical twin. When I found out my teeth were being replaced by dentures I really didn’t think much about it. Until…IT happened. I found out [...]

Experiences with Dentures

Excerpt from the forum Here’s an excerpt taken from the forum. Hear what one denture user had to say about her experience with dentures: as for me, there are deep lines in my face prematurely because the bone where the teeth would be is shrinking. and the lower denture, it is never going [...]

Affordable Dental Implants

Looking for Affordable Dental Implants? Call (310) 278 66 30 now to book a free consultation with Dental Implants USA There is a growing trend, in which more and more individuals who have missing teeth are opting to get dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Dental implant technology is now highly advanced and sophisticated. As [...]