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Why Us

We Plan, Place & Restore all in luxurious Beverly Hills offices

Dental Implants USA is a Prosthodontic dental practice dedicated to providing affordable dental implants and restorative work in beautiful luxurious offices located in the heart of Beverly Hills delivered by highly skilled experienced specialists.

Dental Implants USA offers a complete, long term solution for those who have missing or damaged teeth. All procedures are performed in one location. No need to run around from one office to another. Whether you have lost a single tooth or require multiple tooth replacement, Dental Implants USA has the specialized team to ensure your restored, confident smile. Our practical, lifetime solutions will enhance your appearance, improve your self-assurance and give you freedom to eat your favorite foods. Dental Implants USA specialise in the planning and placement of dental implants & creating natural looking tooth restorations.

Why Dental Implants USA is the leading Dental Implant office

  • Professional personal boutique service.
  • The consultant award winning oral surgeon places the dental implants.
  • The Harvard affiliated prosthodontist performs all the restorative work.
  • Both specialists work together to give you your dream smile.
  • A clear, definitive treatment plan that fully meets all your dental needs.
  • The latest most advanced proven technology.
  • Skilled experienced specialists give you the benefit of their expertise.
  • Beautiful pleasant offices in the top medical building in Beverly Hills.
  • Warm, friendly, accommodating staff.

How Dental Implants will change your life

  • You will be able to easily eat whatever you want.
  • Your teeth are permanent.
  • Like natural teeth, dental implants are not removable.
  • Dental implants look and feel completely natural.
  • Dental implants preserve the jaw bone, preserving your youthful looks.

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