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Dispelling the Myths about Dental Implants

Don’t Settle for Dentures!

We dispel some of the most common myths holding denture wearers back from getting the secure, permanent teeth they deserve.

  • Myth: Up to a third of Dental Implants fail

At Dental Implants USA we use Nobel Biocare Dental Implants. These are not mini implants and Nobel Biocare carries only FDA approved implants. Our success rate is over 98.5%

  • Myth: Implant Surgery is Painful

We provide Nitrous Oxide and Anesthesia so our patient feel comfortable during surgery. Medication is also provided to keep our patients comfortable post surgery.

  • Myth: I’m too old for Dental Implants

Many of our patients have expressed that getting dental implants was like waking up from a terrible dream, and feel 20 years younger with their new teeth.

  • Myth: My Dentist says I’m not healthy enough for the surgery. Diabetics

Diabetics have the same success rate as non diabetics. We work closely with physicians to ensure that there is no risk whilst conducting surgery..

  • Myth: I can’t afford Dental Implants

We make dental implants affordable by charging only $825 and arranging suitable payment plans for you.

  • Myth: My dentists says that Dental Implants are too new and experimental

We have successfully performed thousands of procedures, and dental implants have been around for decades.

  • Myth: You can’t trust what doctors say about implants, they’re in it for the money

It makes us happy to make our patients happy. We know hoe dental implants can change life’s, and it is incredibly rewarding for us to see the look on our patients faces once they have their new implants. If we were in it for the money, we wouldn’t charge $825 per implant!

  • Myth: My dentist says I don’t have enough bone

At Dental Implants USA we use the latest CAT scan technology which gives us X Ray vision, allowing us to look into the patient’s mouth, and find the best bone to place implant in it. with very little bone we can still successfully place dental implants.

About the Author

Dr. Shlosberg received his dental training in England and maintained a private practice in London’s West End before continuing his training at the University of Indiana where he specialized in Prosthodontics. He was appointed to full time academic positions in restorative dentistry at Harvard University School of Dentistry, Boston and the University of Southern California over the subsequent eight years. Dr. Shlosberg’s private practice in Beverly Hills is devoted solely to prosthodontics and implant dentistry, focusing on planning, placing, restoring and maintaining dental implants. He has been exclusively in Beverly Hills prosthodontic practice for over ten years.

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