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Experiences with Dentures

Excerpt from the forum

Here’s an excerpt taken from the forum. Hear what one denture user had to say about her experience with dentures:

as for me, there are deep lines in my face prematurely because the bone where the teeth would be is shrinking. and the lower denture, it is never going to fit. as for the fixodent, i am not in the business, and so i am just going to be straight and up front with you. its awful. any of the glue and the powder or gel, its all terrible stuff, the dentures ooze the stuff out and its drying to your mouth, you get this slime all over your tongue, its just horrid. and you can’t even taste food properly again because the plastic covers the roof of your mouth, and they make sores on your gums sometimes, sometimes you want to be alone at the house just so you don’t have to wear the teeth. the only time it was comfortable was when i first got them. i was in my twenties, now i am in my fifties, mid, that is. the good thing was that they looked great at first and fit fine, but years along the line as the calcium and the bones start to shrink the face and body, oh, its just pure hall of it, even the impressions the dentist makes of the gums. so do all you can to keep your teeth if possible and fix what you have naturally. you will deeply regret it one day if you chose dentures and don’t need them. i too, like the above person, lost a great deal of weight, and i was medium size to start with. but its impossible to ever eat the same once your teeth are gone. or sing or talk or anything, the same way. be wise.

I would like to add that this is not the case if you get dental implants. It will be as if you had never lost your teeth.

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Dr. Shlosberg received his dental training in England and maintained a private practice in London’s West End before continuing his training at the University of Indiana where he specialized in Prosthodontics. He was appointed to full time academic positions in restorative dentistry at Harvard University School of Dentistry, Boston and the University of Southern California over the subsequent eight years. Dr. Shlosberg’s private practice in Beverly Hills is devoted solely to prosthodontics and implant dentistry, focusing on planning, placing, restoring and maintaining dental implants. He has been exclusively in Beverly Hills prosthodontic practice for over ten years.

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