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Advice for someone considering getting Dentures

Here is someone’s response in answer to the question:

What advice would you share with someone considering dentures?

DON’T DO IT!!! I would give anything to have my own teeth back. Since I have had dentures (full uppers and lowers) I have lost so much weight. I look approx. 15 years older than I am. My upper dentures will only work with Fixodent paste. They seem to be fine. But my lower dentures have NEVER stayed put. I cannot chew with them on. They hurt me so badly. I have tried everything I think possible and nothing works. Now I am considering the “screw-in” teeth where the denture I believe hooks somehow onto the screws and hopefully helps it stay.

A response to this:

I whole-heartedly agree! It’s the worse decision I have ever made. They hurt and I have lost any confidence I ever had.

and another…

I agree!!!! I got dentures at age 23 and have always regretted the decision…

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Dr. Shlosberg received his dental training in England and maintained a private practice in London’s West End before continuing his training at the University of Indiana where he specialized in Prosthodontics. He was appointed to full time academic positions in restorative dentistry at Harvard University School of Dentistry, Boston and the University of Southern California over the subsequent eight years. Dr. Shlosberg’s private practice in Beverly Hills is devoted solely to prosthodontics and implant dentistry, focusing on planning, placing, restoring and maintaining dental implants. He has been exclusively in Beverly Hills prosthodontic practice for over ten years.

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