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Advantages of Dental Implants

The Benefits to getting Dental Implants

This is what happens when you get dentures. Dental Implants can prevent this.

The Advantages of Dental Implants are huge. Most people take their teeth for granted. Your teeth are so much more than mere tools used for eating. There are several great reasons to choose dental implants:

Dental implants will change your face for the better:

Teeth provide the structure for the face. You’ll recognise someone without their teeth immediately, as their mouth has a slumped caved in appearance, which goes when they put their dentures in. Dental implants take years off your face, by providing this crucial structure that the face needs and gives you a youthful appearance.

Dental implants will boost your self-confidence:

Most importantly, dental implants can change the way one sees and feels about oneself. Some individuals actually shy away from looking at another in the eye because they are so ashamed of their bad teeth. They could also have problems communicating due to their tendency to talk with their jaw partially closed. They usually don’t smile as much or try to suppress their smiles in an effort to hide their lack of teeth.

Dental implants will help you to enjoy your favourite foods again:

You can comfortably and easily eat food that was previously off limits due to your missing teeth or dentures. Having Dental implants means that you can eat food without causing pain to your gums.

Dental implants can protect your other teeth:

Having Dental implants minimises the chance of breaking surrounding teeth due to the gaps.

Dental implants can stimulate bone growth:

The natural root and tooth form a unit which is anchored into the jawbone. When a tooth is removed (along with the root) the jawbone suddenly has nothing to support, and so begins to shrink at the site of the missing tooth.

No damage to neighbouring teeth:

Healthy teeth around the missing tooth have to be prepared for bridges or crowns. Usually healthy teeth can be damaged during this process. In many cases, they have to be cut in order to reduce their size and this shortens their life. In the case of dental implants, no preparation is required. Only the empty tooth cavity is dealt with. This means that your natural healthy teeth are kept in tact.

Better dental hygiene:

Your dental implants are easy to take care of. They require not more than the same treatment you give to your normal teeth. Brush and floss, morning and night. As long as you use a good toothpaste brand, make regular visits to your dentist they should be fine. This way, sign of trouble can be spotted early on can be dealt with by your dentist.

About the Author

Dr. Shlosberg received his dental training in England and maintained a private practice in London’s West End before continuing his training at the University of Indiana where he specialized in Prosthodontics. He was appointed to full time academic positions in restorative dentistry at Harvard University School of Dentistry, Boston and the University of Southern California over the subsequent eight years. Dr. Shlosberg’s private practice in Beverly Hills is devoted solely to prosthodontics and implant dentistry, focusing on planning, placing, restoring and maintaining dental implants. He has been exclusively in Beverly Hills prosthodontic practice for over ten years.

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